Frequently Asked Questions


How much do corporate programs cost? 

Corporate programs cost $1000/unit. Classes are typically three units, for a total course cost of $3000. All corporate programs require completion of thirty-three units, for a total program cost of $33000. This does not include the price of books/other materials. Costs are subject to change based on University-mandated fee increases.

How much do single degree programs cost? 

Single degree programs cost $750/unit. Classes are typically three units, for a total course cost of $2250. All single degree programs require completion of 33 units, for a total program cost of $24750. This does not include the price of books/other materials. Costs are subject to change based on University-mandated fee increases.


Where are the off-campus courses held?

Classes are offered at a variety of locations within Silicon Valley. Check each program’s individual page for location details.

General Info & Taking Classes

What does cohort-style mean?

Cohort-style learning means that a group of students enroll in a degree program at the same time, take all of their classes in sequence, and graduate together after finishing their courses.

I am a working professional in Silicon Valley. Is it feasible for me to attend classes?

Yes. Most courses are offered after 6:00 p.m. and/or on Saturdays.

I am not a working professional and do not have any work experience. Is an off-campus program the right fit for me?

For the past five years, approximately 60% to 70% of the students in our off-campus programs are working professionals, while the remaining 30% to 40% are full-time students. Our programs are designed for both working professionals and motivated full-time students.

What is the minimum course load?

Since this is a cohort program, all students take courses together throughout the program. A student will lose their active status if they do not take a class for two consecutive semesters. Students must file a Leave of Absence Form prior to the first semester of leave to avoid losing active status while on leave. Otherwise, the student must reapply to the university to regain active status.

Are classes conducted with online learning modality?

It depends on the program. Please check with your Program Specialist.

Can I transfer credits from other institutions or programs?

You can transfer up to 3 courses (9 units) from SJSU's Open University or another university towards your degree program. Transfer courses must be approved by the Academic Program Coordinator.

The institution of higher education that I attended only issues summary transcripts (mark sheets), but SJSU requires term-by-term transcripts. What should I do?

Since GAPE requires that all international applicants provide a WES (World Education Services) evaluation for any educational work taken outside of the U.S. & Canada, WES will submit the evaluation to SJSU in a format that is accepted by the university. Mark sheets/transcripts/degree certificates must be sent directly to WES for evaluation. SJSU must receive the academic record and the evaluation directly from WES.

Do I need to attend an advising appointment before enrolling in classes?

If a student's overall GPA is 3.0 or higher, a pre-registration advising appointment is not necessary. A student with an overall GPA below 3.0 must seek the advice from the Academic Program Coordinator before enrolling classes.

How do I enroll in a class?

Prior to each semester, the Program Specialist will send students the specific course codes. With these course codes, you can enroll in the courses online via MySJSU. You must pay special attention to fee payment deadlines for off-campus programs.

Who do I contact with registration problems?

If you cannot login to your MySJSU account or experience difficulties registering, please contact the Information Technology Support Services (ITS). If you need to manually add your course(s), please contact the Program Specialist who manages the specific program in which you are enrolled.

Due to business travel or a family emergency, I missed a class last semester. What can I do?

You can take the same class with another cohort (if available). You must contact the Academic Program Coordinator of the program to arrange making up a class.

How can I find out the textbook selection for a class?

The Program Specialist will send students the syllabus before each class begins.

What is the best way to contact the Graduate & Extended Studies’ office?

If you have a question regarding single or dual degree programs, please send an email to If you have a question regarding corporate degree programs, please send an email to If you have a question regarding main campus resources, please send an email to

Where can I obtain more general information regarding graduate studies?

The Office of Graduate Admissions performs the administrative and evaluative functions to maintain and implement the policies and procedures related to admissions, advancement to candidacy, graduation, and university level program requirements for all graduate students. A Graduate Student Success Coordinator and an International Graduate Student Advisor also support graduate students at the College of Engineering by providing college and university general information and resources. Please check our website for contact information. 

I would like to meet with an international student advisor. Where should I go?

The Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) includes all immigration advising to our F and J visa holders as well as overseeing the International House. ISSS is located in the Student Union - CIES. Advising hours are posted on their website: For general information about campus resources and guidance on academic and non-academic concerns relevant to international engineering graduate students, please contact our International Graduate Advisor.

Where can I find information about financial aid?

For financial aid information, please refer to the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office at

Degree Requirements

I received a C in a course. Do I have to repeat the course?

No. C is considered a passing grade for a graduate course (a C- is not). However, you must maintain a 3.0 GPA overall in order to avoid probation.

What are on-probation and disqualification?

A student with less than a 3.0 GPA will be put on probation. A student on probation with a less than 3.0 GPA the subsequent semester will be disqualified. If you are either on-probation or disqualified, you must consult with your program’s Academic Program Coordinator as soon as possible.

Capstone Project

What are the requirements for enrollment in capstone course A? 

  • Completion of all admission conditions and in good standing
  • Completion of core course
  • Submission of an advancement to candidacy form (requires faculty graduate advisor’s signature)
  • A minimum 3.0 overall SJSU graduate course GPA
  • A minimum 3.0 overall GPA for all grades received in the courses listed on the Candidacy Form (except writing course)
  • Completion of graduate writing assessment requirement (e.g., completed ENGR 200W; see degree requirements section above for additional options) or concurrent enrollment in ENGR 200W

What are the requirements for enrollment in capstone course B?

Due to an unforeseen situation, I can’t complete a project course this semester; what should I do?

Alert both your faculty advisor and program specialist as soon as possible regarding your situation.

Last semester, I received an “RP” grade in CMPE 295A (or CMPE 295B). What do I need to do to change my grade?

A student who has received an RP (Report in Progress) grade must complete an RP Grade Contract and follow the policy described in the contract.

Graduation and Diploma

When should I apply to graduate?

Please be sure that you have an *APPROVED* candidacy form on file PRIOR to submitting an application for graduation. Deadlines to apply for graduation can be found here:

Will my area of emphasis/specialization be listed on my degree diploma or transcript?

The diploma of a main campus or off-campus student only states the general degree name, e.g. Master of Science in Software Engineering. Per university policy, an “emphasis” or “specialization” is not included on diplomas or transcripts. However, a “concentration” is officially listed on both diplomas and transcripts. Check each program’s individual page for degree type.

Will my diploma indicate that I have studied at an off-campus location?

All off-campus degree programs offered by Graduate and Extended Studies are conferred by San José State University, and thus receive the same diploma as main campus degree programs.

Are separate commencement ceremonies hosted for main campus and off-campus programs?

The Davidson College of Engineering hosts a commencement ceremony each semester for both main and off-campus students. Both main and off-campus students will gather, photograph, march, and sit together with others earning the same degree during the commencement ceremony. Some corporate programs host a separate celebration ceremony for their employees, however students are still welcome to participate in the commencement ceremony.

I want to invite family members from abroad to attend the commencement ceremony. Does the Davidson College of Engineering provide invitation letters for tourist visas?

Note: Visa applicants must qualify on the basis of the applicant's residence and ties abroad, rather than assurances from U.S. family and friends. A letter of invitation or Affidavit of Support is not needed to apply for a nonimmigrant tourist visa. If you do choose to bring a letter of invitation or Affidavit of Support to your interview, please remember that it is not one of the factors that we use in determining whether to issue or deny a nonimmigrant tourist visa.

Thus, the Davidson College of Engineering does not provide invitation letters to students for use in inviting relatives to visit them. If you choose to write your own letter, below is a template that you may use:

“My name is (your name). I am an F-1 international student at San José State University pursuing a Master of Science in (major). I expect to complete my degree as of (month, year; May, August, or December 2013). I would like to invite my family to come to (choose: either #1: witness my University graduation on (specific date); or #2: visit me during my studies in the United States.

May I request that visitor’s visa(s) be issued to my following family members:

– Father: Mr. First Last Name DOB: Month-day-year

– Mother: Mrs. First Last Name DOB: Month-day-year

Thank you for your consideration."

My employer is asking for degree verification. Where do I request this document?

Degree Verification Letters may be requested from the University’s Office of the Registrar. Further details are available at