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Academic Help

Program of Study/Advising Forms 

The title of the Program of Study/Plan of Study/Advising form varies from program to program. Many departments require graduate students to meet with their faculty graduate advisor to discuss their academic plan. Some departments will place a hold on a student's record until the form has been signed by the faculty graduate advisor. Some departments require an update form to be submitted if changes are made. Check with your program's department regarding how to use this form.

University Forms

Candidacy and Graduation Deadlines
NOTE: Some departments have internal deadlines set PRIOR to the university's deadline. Check with your faculty graduate advisor regarding program specific deadlines.

Petition for Advancement to Graduate Candidacy
Advancement to candidacy is a crucial step to take in your graduate career. An approval of advancement to candidacy denotes that the student is on track to graduate.  As of the Fall 2010 semester, this form requires the signature of the departmental or school graduate advisor, not simply the master's committee chair.

Request for Course Substitution in Master's Degree Program
This request is allowed for courses that were listed on an approved candidacy form, but never taken as part of the program for completion.

Application for Award of Master's Degree
Graduation application.

Graduation Date Change Request for Award of Master's Degree
Reactivation form if student has already filed a graduation application, but graduation has been delayed.

Other forms such as the Application for a Change of Graduate Major, Change of Classification in Master's Program, Course Transfer Validation, Excess Units (more than 16 per semester), Reinstatement (following disqualification), Withdrawal, and special petitions are available from the office of Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations (GAPE).

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