Hybrid Course Teaching Training Sessions

The Graduate and Extended Studies office has offered four hybrid course teaching training sessions to faculty who teach hybrid / blended course for off-campus programs. The training sessions include topics relate to course delivery modes, course redesign, instructional technology tools, and hybrid course teaching/learning. You can either submit your registration form or email the Instructional Desigenr at to schedule a training session.

Pre-Session (5 minutes)

Session I: Overview: Course Delievery Modes and FAQ (1.5 - 2 hours+)

Session II: Teaching Tools and Hands-On (1 - 2 hours+)

Session III: Hybrid Course Teaching and Learning (1 - 2 hours+) 

  • Teaching technology tools III

  • WebEx Training Center: Breakout Sessions and Polling

  • Canvas III Outcomes and Turnitin

  • Checklist of facilitating real-time meetings with WebEx Training Center (checklist)

  • Resources

  • Feedback

Session IV: A Dry-Run and Continuous Improvement (TBD)

  • A Dry-run, in-class support and classroom observation

  • Survey

  • Continuous improvement

<Notes> You will teach a hybrid course with Canavs and +WebEx. If you are familiar with the two technology tools, the Instructional Designer will verify your competency with Canvas and WebEx Training Center.

Questions? We'd like to hear from you! If you want to share your hybrid course teaching experience and concerns, please send the email to . Thank you!