Join WebEx Meeting

How do you join WebEx online classroom meetings?

Attendees don’t need to have an account with WebEx to join real-time class meetings. You might receive an invitation email one day before the scheduled class time. The invitation email will include all instructions needed to join the meeting. 

During the synchronous meetings, your professor might 

  • Share desktop, application, web browser, web content, white board, etc.
  • Interact with attendees in real-time
  • Use Chat panel and audio to communicate with attendees
  • Use Polling and Q&A for questions and questions answering
  • Assign an attendee as a presenter
  • Record the lecture
  • Set up breakout sessions for small group activities (File: How to join a breakout session

Audio Capabilities and Webcam

Please prepare a headset in order to avoid echoes and audio feedback during online class meetings. We also highly recommend you use a built-in webcam or prepare an external webcam on your computer. In addition, please make sure that you test your browser before attending your first WebEx meeting.  

WebEx in Mac, iPad, and iPhone

WebEx Technical Requirements

Enable JavaScript - for  Firefox on Mac

  • Go to Firefox menu
  • Choose Preferences
  • Click on the Content
  • Click Enable JavaScript
  • Go to View and Click Reload to refresh the Firefox browser

Enable JavaScript - for Firefox on PC

  • Go to Tools
  • Select Options
  • Select the Content section
  • Check the boxes on Block pop-up windows, Load images automatically, and Enable JavaScript
  • Click OK
  • Reload the Firefox Browser