Lam Research – MS Engineering, Specialization in Systems Engineering

Corporate Programs Requirement: You must be a current employee of the host company to enroll.

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This customized MS Engineering, specialization in Systems Engineering program is targeted to provide Lam Research engineers with a foundation for specialization in systems engineering.

Engineers will be able to gain a better understanding of complex Lam systems, learn how to assess systems performance, diagnose issues and design and implement solutions.

For the convenience of working students:

  • Classes are held on Lam Research’s campus and online (hybrid delivery).
  • Classes meet once a week (on Tuesdays) for 11 weeks.
  • Students will be able to earn Master’s Degree in under 3 years.
  • Program is delivered in executive cohort style - students take all courses with the same group of peers, one course at a time.


Applying for admission to an off-campus cohort at San Jose State University is not a guarantee that the program will occur. Cohorts must meet minimum enrollment standards in order to take place. Please be aware that in the event a cohort does not launch due to low enrollment, any and all associated application fees cannot be refunded.