Cisco – MS Software Engineering, Specialization in Cybersecurity

Corporate Programs Requirement: You must be a current employee of the host company to enroll.

Program Status

In Progress



Program Specialist
Anna Kurpiewska


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With the global threats of cyber-crime our nation’s continued security and economic prosperity depends on the availability of cyber security workforce. Vast majority of businesses, industries and members of the public sector have an online presence and need skilled workforce with cybersecurity knowledge. The Master of Science in Software Engineering, specialization in Cybersecurity program will provide an opportunity for graduate students to gain cybersecurity expertise and to seek career opportunities in cyber security and information assurance.

This program has been developed and customized for use by Cisco Systems. It consists of a combination of existing San Jose State University courses and other elective courses that have been customized for Cisco. The program is comprised of three stackable certificates: 1. Advanced Certificate in Secure Software Engineering, 2. Advanced Certificate in Secure Test Engineering, 3. Advanced Certificate in Cyber Security Engineering. A student will be able to move from a certificate holder to being awarded an advanced degree upon attaining all three certificates.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

For students graduating with MS Software Engineering degrees:

  1. Be able to demonstrate an understanding of advanced knowledge of the practice of software engineering, from vision to analysis, design, validation and deployment.
  2. Be able to tackle complex engineering problems and tasks, using contemporary engineering principles, methodologies and tools.
  3. Be able to demonstrate leadership and the ability to participate in teamwork in an environment with different disciplines of engineering, science and business.
  4. Be aware of ethical, economic and environmental implications of their work, as appropriate.
  5. Be able to advance successfully in the engineering profession, and sustain a process of lifelong learning in engineering or other professional areas.
  6. Be able to communicate effectively, in both oral and written forms.

Applying for admission to an off-campus cohort at San Jose State University is not a guarantee that the program will occur. Cohorts must meet minimum enrollment standards in order to take place. Please be aware that in the event a cohort does not launch due to low enrollment, any and all associated application fees cannot be refunded.