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How to join a Zoom meeting

What is Zoom

Zoom is a web conferencing tool SJSU uses for real-time class meetings, collaborations, trainings, etc. The features of Zoom include:

  • Screen sharing in a full-screen mode
  • Whiteboard collaboration
  • Participant communication
  • Breakout room setup for small group activities and collaboration
  • Polling
  • Screen and audio recording
  • Closed captioning (if setup)

How to join a Zoom meeting

  1. Click the link via your email invitation
  2. From SJSU Zoom website or download a Zoom app: iOS or Android 
  3. After you join a Zoom conference, please either select a phone or use your computer audio to connect to the audio conference

How to connect to the audio conferencing

  • Via phone

  1. Select the Phone Call tab
  2. Follow the dial-in number list to enter the phone number
  3. Enter the Zoom meeting ID and press the # key
  4. Stay online if the meeting hasn’t started
  • Via computer (Please use a headset to avoid background noise.)

  1. Selec thet Join Audio Conferencing by Computer button
  2. Click the Test Conferencing Mic and Speakers button and select the mic/speakers you are going to use
  3. Click the Join Audio Conferencing by Computer button
  4. It’s recommended you mute your audio unless you want to ask or answer questions.

How to enable video via your computer

  1. Use a built-in webcam or prepare an external webcam on your computer
  2. Please click the Video icon to start your video.

Technical requirements

For iOS and Android and For PC and Mac

Online Proctoring Exam Information

If you are a remote student or need to use online proctoring services take an exam, please let your instructor know. We also produced a video to guide you to schedule an appointment with ProctorU. Please schedule your appointment with ProctorU at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled exam time in order to avoid paying a charge of $5.00 late registration at your own cost.  

> How ProctorU works: Test Taker Process <


Three days before taking your proctored exam, you are responsible to

  1. Prepare your government issued ID, like driver's license or passport, for your proctor to verify your identity.
  2. Make sure your computer has a webcam and a headset (microphone and speaker) in order to communicate with the online proctor.
  3. Test your equipment at ensure equipment functions properly.
  4. Verify technical requirements at
  5. Check the technical specifications link at
  6. Watch the video demo
  7. Find a quiet and a suitable testing location

On the exam date, you are expected to

  1. Take your proctored exam in a quiet and a suitable testing location
  2. Have your webcam and headset ready
  3. Have a government issued ID ready - like driver's license or passport for your proctor to verify your identity

Recommendation: It might take time for you to wait for your online proctor to verify your identity; so, you should log in to ProctorU's website at least 15-minute earlier than the exam date. In addition, if you have any technical challenge with ProctorU services, please call: 855-772-8678

During the exam, a live online proctor will guide you through the exam process, and the proctor should verify your identification by viewing your government issued ID and have you answer questions, explain the exam rules, verify you login information, watch you taking the exam online, and verify your exam submission.

If you would like to share your concerns regarding your experience with online proctoring services, please contact the Instructional Designer at Your feedback is appreciated.