How to join a Zoom meeting

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a web conferencing tool SJSU uses for real-time class meetings, collaborations, trainings, etc. The features of Zoom include:

  • ​Screen sharing in a full screen mode

  • Whiteboard collaboration

  • Participants communication, assign, and chat 

  • Breakout Room setup for small group activities and discussionsand recording

  • Polling 

  • Screen and audio recording 

  • Closed captioning (if setup) 

How to join a Zoom meeting? 

It’s very easy to join a Zoom meeting, and it doesn’t require a participant to sign up or create an account. There are four ways to join a Zoom meeting. 

  1. Click the link via your email invitation

  2. From SJSU Zoom website

  3. Download a Zoom app: iOS or Android 

  4. Join a phone conference

How to connect to the audio conferencing?

  • Via phone

  1. Select Phone Call tab

  2. Follow the list of the dial-in number and enter the phone number

  3. Enter the Zoom meeting ID and press # key

  4. Stay online if the meeting hasn’t started

  • Via computer (Please use a headset to avoid background noise.)

  1. Select Join Audio Conferencing by Computer tab

  2. Click Test Conferencing Mic and Speakers to make sure you select the mic and speakers you are going to use

  3. Click Join Audio Conferencing by Computer tab

  4. It’s recommended you mute your audio unless you want to ask or answer questions.

How to enable video via your computer?

  1. It’s recommended you use a built-in webcam or prepare an external webcam on your computer.
  2. Please click the Video icon to start your video.

Technical requirements

Zoom runs on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. To ensure your computer meeting the system requirements, please click the links below: