A Dozen Top Tips to Help You Find an Internship

What SJSU College of Engineering graduate students recommend

1. SJSU Handshake internships are available to you as a result of relationship building between the
SJSU Career Center and local companies, so they are great leads! Find internship opportunities
through your Thursday college newsletter in a list that takes you directly to Handshake.

2. If you are applying to intern for Summer 2019, get your resume updated as soon as possible with
help from SJSU Career Center! Many companies already have their internship opportunities posted,
so now is the time to apply!

3. Keep updating your LinkedIn profile. Let recruiters know your strengths and how you stand out.
4. Use LinkedIn to connect with SJSU Alumni at different companies. Don’t ask them for a reference
straight away. Instead, ask them to share their experience about how they found out about the job,
how they prepared to interview, and what the employer expects of them.

5. When you do have good direct connections through LinkedIn, perhaps you could ask them for a
reference for an internship or job opening. Interns may be able to refer you for an internship;
regular employees may be able to refer you for a job.

6. Don’t delay applying as soon as you come across an internship/ job opening on Handshake,
LinkedIn, other job boards, or your target company’s official website. Thousands of students
compete with us in the Bay Area, so being ahead of them will be a very smart thing.

7. Your resume and cover letter should align to the job title, description, and qualifications for an

8. Make sure your resume and cover letter show your contributions to projects, and in what way your
skills and contributions brought about positive results and productivity.

9. Be ready for the interview! You never know when opportunity will knock at your door.

10. In the days before an interview, prepare yourself according to the job description and research the
company website as well.

11. Review your coursework thoroughly. That will help a lot during interview preparations.

12. Don’t lose hope until the last day. Stay strong. Students have received an internship call even in
early Summer!