Advanced Certificate in Facilities Management

Program Status



Program Specialist
Anna Kurpiewska
Enrollment in Advanced Certificate in Facilities Management program does not guarantee admission into a future MS program. Per Title V, students seeking admission into MS programs must pass all graduate admission requirements


Facilities Management


Advanced Certificate in Facilities Management was developed to address the current
shortage of skilled Facilities Management professionals. Facilities Management is a
multidisciplinary function requiring a deep knowledge of the entire business and
physical planning cycle, including buildings, infrastructure, and people. For that reason,
the Advanced Certificate will provide in-depth FM education based on IFMA’s (*) 11
core competencies:

  1. Communications
  2. Quality
  3. Technology
  4. Operations & Maintenance
  5. Human Factors
  6. Finance & Business
  7. Emergency Planning & Business Continuity
  8. Leadership & Strategy
  9. Real Estate & Property Management
  10. Project Management
  11. Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability

(*) IFMA = International Facility Management Association.