Lockheed Martin – MS Mechanical Engineering

Corporate Programs Requirement: You must be a current employee of the host company to enroll.

Program Status

In Progress



Anna Kurpiewska
Academic Program Coordinator
Nicole Okamoto


This customized Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering program is targeted to meet the business needs of Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. The objective of the program is to equip students with the latest engineering methodologies and tools related to mechanical design. The program scope includes applied stress analysis, computer-aided mechanical engineering design, vibration of mechanical systems, finite element methods and automatic control engineering. For the convenience of working students, the program offers one course at a time. Courses are taught by both SJSU faculty and senior Lockheed Martin staff to mesh closely with Lockheed Martin business needs. There will be a 6 credits of project work based on case studies specific to Lockheed Martin.

Applying for admission to an off-campus cohort at San Jose State University is not a guarantee that the program will occur. Cohorts must meet minimum enrollment standards in order to take place. Please be aware that in the event a cohort does not launch due to low enrollment, any and all associated application fees cannot be refunded.